The Nicene Creed in Haitian Creole By Celucien L. Joseph, Ph.D.

The Nicene Creed (325 A.D.)

Translated in Haitian Creole by Celucien L. Joseph, Ph.D.


Nou kwè nan yon sèl Bondye,

Papa a, ki gen tout pouvwa,

Li memm ki fe syèl ak latè,

tout sa nou wè ak tout sa nou pa wè.


Nou kwènan yon sèl Senyè, Jezikri,

sèl Pitit Bondye,

ki ekziste pou tout tan nan Papa a,

Bondye an Bondye, Limyè an Limyè,

Bondye de verite an Bondye de verite,

li ekziste, li pat kreye,

se yon sèl ak Papa a.

atravè li tout bagay te kreye.

Pou nou, pou sali nou

li desann sòt nan syèl:

pa pouvwa Sentespri

atravè la Vyèj Mari li te enkane,

 li te tounen moun.


Li te mouri pou nou anba men  Pons Pilat;

li te mouri, li te antere.

Sou twazyèm jou li te resisite

jan sa te ekri nan Liv la;

li te moute nan syèl

li chita adwat Papa a.

Lap retoune ankò nan laglwa pou jige moun ki vivan ak moun ki mouri,

gouvènman  lan p’ap janm fini.


Nou kwè nan Sentespri, Segnè a, li ki bay lavi,

li soti nan Papa ak Pitit la.

Ansam ak Papa ak Pitit la nou adore  li, nou  glorifye li.

Li te mete pawol nan bouch pwofèt yo.

Nou kwè nan yon sèl legliz katolik ak apostolik.

Nou rekonèt yon sèl batèm pou padon peche.

Nap tann rezireksyon moun ki deja mouri,

Nap  tann yon vi nouvèl nan mond lan k’ap vini an.



“Testament”: A Poem to Celebrate Nelson Mandela

The poem below (“Testament”)  was written by the prominent Haitian poet Félix Morisseau-Leroy. Today, we want to honor and celebrate the life, work, and legacy of Nelson Mandela with “Testament.”
When I die, make me a beautiful wake…
I’m going neither to paradise nor hell…
When I die, bury me in the yard
Gather all my friends, make a big feast…
When I die, everyone should really get it on
Laugh, sing, dance, tell jokes
Don’t be sappy, yell into my ear
I won’t altogether be done when I’m dead;
All the places where there were great bashes,
Where people were free – they’ll remember me
Translated from Haitian Creole by Jack Hirschman and Boadiba

My Encyclopedia Entry in Multicultural America (2013)

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My new book: Haitian Modernity and Liberative Interruptions

My new book, Haitian Modernity and Liberative Interruptions: Discourse on Race, Religion, and Freedom, is ready for preorder at the University Press of America. Publication Date: December 16, 2013. Price: $ 29.99





American Apparel, Our Culture Is Not Your Trick Nor Your Treat


The bastardization of Vodou as a formal religio

Originally posted on Repeating Islands:

American Apparel Manhattan

After the retailer rolls out an offensive Voudou-themed Halloween display, Shantrelle Lewis offers a lesson in the African spiritual tradition in this article for Ebony. See a link to her blog, which we highly recommend, below. Our thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.

In 2013, at a time when nearly every aspect of Black life and culture can be bought, repackaged, gentrified and re-sold to the highest bidder, it is still both shocking and appalling to see a makeshift Vodou altar adorning the window of a Manhattan American Apparel location. Recently, my friend Rosella Molina, a Yoruba initiate, saw just that: a larger than life vevé for Papa Legba, a spirit respected as the Keeper of the Crossroads and found throughout the Americas, and three mannequins dressed in a hodgepodge of apparel designed by social media icon/artist Kesh, mixed together with an assortment of pieces…

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MY NEW BOOK: Haitian Modernity and Liberative Interruptions

Haitian Modernity and Liberative Interruptions Discourse on Race, Religion, and Freedom

via MY NEW BOOK: Haitian Modernity and Liberative Interruptions.

MY NEW BOOK: Haitian Modernity and Liberative Interruptions

I would like to announce the publication of my new book: Haitian Modernity and Liberative Interruptions Discourse on Race, Religion, and Freedom  (University Press of America, 2013)  by Celucien L. Joseph
You can pre-order your copy by clicking on the link below
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Book cover vintage wooden background with the word freedom

A Poem by Rene Depestre

Donnez-moi la liberte



Dites aux quatre vents des ondes

que je suis un chien errant de la vie

un mauvais ecrivain gibier du ridicule

dites que je me suis embarque

dans la flibuste du poeme

sans diplomes (presomptions de connaissance)

sans passeports ni visas

sans aucun lien de servitude

dites que mes soirees se consument

dans l’obscurite des bas-fonds

que je descends d’une ligne de vaincus

dites que je suis laid

magique fou revolutionnaire

mais de grace

donnez-mois ma liberte

—Rene Depestre, “Donnez-moi ma liberte”

* Sorry for the French accents.

A Poem by Aime Cesaire

I am a memory that does not reach the threshold

and wanders in the limbo where the glint of absinthe

when the heart of night breathes through its blowholes

moves the fallen star in which we contemplate ourselves


The lingual sky took on a new consistency of a fleshly opened

coconut’s cream


spitting Andes and sacred Mayumba

sole shipwreck that the eye good sailer pays off for us

when soul maddened shredded maddened

               through clouds which reach me in tightly shut fish

I reascend to haunt the sinister thickness of all things

—Aime Cesaire, The Griffin

Stanley Hauerwas on the End of American Protestantism

Originally posted on Orthodox Ruminations:

ImageI came across “The End of American Protestantism” written by Protestant scholar and Duke Divinity professor Stanley Hauerwas a few weeks ago. I am an Orthodox Christian who grew up in Protestantism, so I know Protestantism. It is all I have known for most of my life. I do not post this in any attempt to show up anyone who is Protestant nor to put down anyone. This is written by a Protestant, so it would be self-defeating to do that in any way! In fact, my own priest trained under Hauerwas and has respect for the man as do I! I post this because I wrestle with the 21st century American context in which I live. I am posting this because the American religious landscape has fascinated me and continues to do so.

Many have long said Evangelicalism as we know it in this country is dying…

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